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  • Dr. Prabhat Soni, MD, New York’s most accomplished Stem Cell specialist, is a unique physician who holds as many as eight American Board Certifications distinct medical specialties.
    Recognized as America’s Top Sleep Doctor by Sleep Review magazine for 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Dr. Prabhat Soni, MD. DR. PRABHAT SONI, MD, ABIM, FCCP, SCCM, DABSM, DABOM, DAAAM, AAOPM, ABAARM (Stem Cell) Eight American Board Certifications

Throughout his career, Dr. Prabhat Soni, MD. Has built a reputable name due to his commitment in the medical field. Dr. Soni was the former clinical professor at Weill Cornell medical college, Chief of Pulmonary, co-chair of critical care (ICU), President of medical staff of NYCH & Director of New York’s sleep and breathing center.

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Dr. Prabhat Soni, MD, New York's most accomplished Stem Cell specialist, is one of the unique physician in the USA and the world who holds American Board Certifications in eight distinct medical specialties: Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine (with advanced Fellowship in Stem Cell Therapy; Critical Care Medicine; Pulmonary Medicine; Sleep Medicine; Obesity Medicine (with Fellowship in Obesity Medicine); Pain Management; Aesthetic Medicine and Internal Medicine. With his expertise in Pulmonary and Critical Care specialties, he has helped critically ill COVID-19 patients to recover successfully. Dr. Soni's interest in leading edge medical advances, including Stem Cell therapy, led him to his Board Certification in Regenerative Medicine after completing an advanced Fellowship in Stem Cells.

Dr. Prabhat Soni, MD.

As a Board-certified clinician, he applies Stem Cell procedures using FDA-compliant, IRB-approved including FDA approved IND research protocols. Having conducted Stem Cell therapy alongside some of the world’s leading Stem Cell experts, Dr. Soni has developed innovative and efficacious clinical stem cell therapeutic procedures. He serves as Medical Director of GIOSTAR, global leader in Stem Cell research, with a focus on development of innovative advanced Stem Cell therapeutics.

Dr. Soni has appeared on numerous TV channels including CNN for sleep apnea, CBS for obesity and Public Broadcasting (New York’s Channel 13) on the American Health Journal addressing " innovation in Medicine" PRP nebulizer applied directly to damaged lungs. Dr. Soni has received many public recognitions including the following: • Dr. Soni was appointed to serve on a Presidential Health Reform team during the Administration of President George W. Bush. • Presented with the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi Samman Award by Global Achievers Conclave at the House of Lords, London, UK . in October 2102

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