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Over the past several years, stem cell therapy has become extremely popular and with more ground breaking treatments it is providing opportunity to patients who were failed by traditional medication.

Here at MedStem, our best specialists in NewYork strive to provide not only hope but comprehensive solutions that can last a lifetime. With our cutting edge technology and research, we practice integrative cell therapies that are firmly grounded in clinical evidence and helps stimulate your body to repair and rejuvenate injured and aging cells.

At SONI Medical, we understand the complexity of many different medical conditions including common diseases in heart, lungs, neuroscience and sexual disorders. Our specialists in New York City have the ability to utilize multiple integrative approaches that bring together the best of traditional medicine and regenerative medicine. Staying alive is not enough, quality of life is imperative. Our goal is simple, to make you live life once again to its fullest!


Soni Medical, Brooklyn, NY

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